National CAPACD programs

AAPI Community Development & Organizing

National CAPACD is working with our member organizations to build a set of strategies, programs, and activities in order to redefine community development and make it more relevant to low-income AAPI communities – whether such communities are traditional inner city AAPI neighborhoods or newer communities, more dispersed throughout a region.   Through our AAPI Community Development and Organizing efforts, National CAPACD seeks to revitalize the relationship between community development and community organizing; involve our communities more deeply in region-wide issues; increase impact around the intersection of community development and health; and, promote equitable development and anti-displacement strategies in AAPI community business districts/corridors.

The AAPI Communities Taking Initiative in Our Neighborhoods Technical Assistance program (ACTION TA) is a national technical assistance and training initiative that builds organizational and program capacity using a model based on cultural-competency and peer-to-peer support.  The program provides an infrastructure for the exchange of information, resources, and technical expertise between diverse AAPI organizations and promotes the replication and adaption of successful models for housing and economic development, financial education, housing counseling, youth development, and neighborhood preservation and stabilization across the country.  

National CAPACD is using its experience as a housing counseling intermediary as a springboard for innovative projects in the Asset Building field that increase financial capability in AAPI communities. Currently, National CAPACD is working in partnership with its members to implement projects that incorporate financial education, coaching and financial products such as Lending Circles to cultivate a savings habit, build credit and increase awareness of and participation in mainstream financial systems. We are also conducting and publishing research focused on financial attitudes, behavior and access to financial products and services within low-income communities of color.

Each year, the Community in the Capital (CITC) program provides both seasoned and new AAPI community leaders of member organizations with opportunities to travel to Washington, DC to learn about federal policies and resources, specifically those targeted for their organizations and communities, and engage federal agencies, elected officials and national community development organizations.  This “DC immersion” program is a gateway that allows local and regional AAPI leaders to participate in policy-making at a level that raises their ability to be powerful voices of advocacy for their local communities.
As a national housing counseling intermediary approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD), National CAPACD provides grants and pass-through funding to support housing
counseling services, marketing and outreach activities, capacity building and training; training and staff
development that builds the knowledge and skills of professionals in the network; access to scholarships
for training institutes through entities such as NeighborWorks® America; technical assistance focused on
HUD compliance, program design and development, outreach and marketing, use of technology and
client management system, and fundraising; and peer-to-peer convenings to facilitate the sharing of
best practices and strategies among Housing Counseling Network groups.