Framework, Delivery Model, and Guidelines

ACTION  Framework/Delivery Model/Guidelines
The ACTION  Program builds capacity of member organizations under the following framework:
Initiator Organization – Under the ACTION Program, National CAPACD member organizations can apply for mentorship and technical assistance for program activities and program development in the issue areas listed below.  Members requesting assistance are “Initiator” organizations.
Resource Organization – Through this RFP, National CAPACD will develop a network of Resource Organizations with experience and technical expertise in a wide variety of relevant issue areas, funding programs, etc.  And through this RFP process, National CAPACD member organizations with experience within the issue areas identified will apply to become a technical resource or mentor to 2-4 Initiator Organizations and will provide advice and capacity building within the subject area to Initiator Organizations.  Resource Organizations may be paired with other Resource Organizations in order to serve larger groups of organizations within the same or related subject areas.
TA Clusters – Around the issue/program areas listed below, National CAPACD staff will group Initiator and Resource Organizations into Clusters consisting of 1-2 Resource Organizations and 2-4 Initiator Organizations.  These Clusters will meet regularly (approximately once a month) for technical support and capacity building.  Pending geographic distributions of groups, meetings will most likely consist of webinars and teleconferences.  Meetings will include presentations of best practices as well as more informal discussions of about the current, actual challenges of Initiator Organizations’ real life program design and implementation.  In these group settings, Initiator Organizations will be able to tap into the deep technical knowledge and real world experience of current practitioners who have faced similar problems in similar communities.
Network Building – A secondary goal of the ACTION Program is to build relationships between members working with similar issues and in similar communities.  Not only does this advance individual organizations through the capacity building, but it also strengthens National CAPACD as a whole.
National CAPACD Members – All ACTION Program participants – both Initiator and Resource organizations – must be National CAPACD members.  Part of the purpose of the ACTION Program is to build the capacity of the CAPACD Network, not just that of individual member organizations.  For this reason, we want to encourage more interaction between member organizations and build the programmatic infrastructure to support National CAPACD members across the developmental spectrum.  Therefore, both Initiator and Resource organizations must be National CAPACD members.
One Application Per Organization – Each organization whether to receive or provide technical assistance must submit a proposal under this RFP (e.g., a Resource Organization can not submit an application on behalf of an Initiator Organization).  This single application can include a proposal to provide or receive TA in more than one subject matter area.  Hypothetically, a Resource organization applicant could have experience in community preservation, transportation planning and small business assistance.  The hypothetical organization could, in the same application, apply to become a Resource organization in as many issue areas as it is willing to provide TA.  In the same way, an Initiator organization can apply for TA in as many areas that meet the program criteria to receive assistance.  However, in all cases, National CAPACD will make the ultimate decision as to which organizations and issue areas are appropriate to be funded under the ACTION Program.