National CAPACD 15th Annual Convention

After unveiling our 2014-17 strategic plan at last year’s convention and inviting members and allies to deepen our work together, we have spent this past year expanding our programs, increasing resources to local groups, reaching out extensively to members and prospective members through regional convenings and site visits, connecting practitioners on the ground with policymakers in DC, and developing a policy platform. We presented a platform developed through continuous input from members over this past year. We’ve structured this year’s convention to provide opportunity to discuss further and refine this platform, leading to a membership vote on the last day of the convention.

Our members rallied behind a ratified platform as we enter the 2016 national stage and moved forward policies that result in concrete benefits for local communities and lasting structural change. We also had the opportunity to take immediate action with a rally and press conference, following the convention,bringing attention to the Asian-American and African-American families at risk of losing their homes in a building in DC Chinatown. The direct actionhighlighted the growing pressures of displacement in cities around the country, a key issue in our policy platform.

Also interwoven with our plenaries and workshops were ways for us to explore how our work fits under an economic and racial justice framework, to share technical knowledge for use back at home, and to hear specific ways in which we are redefining membership with opportunities for immediate action through various campaigns. And, of course, as with all National CAPACD conventions, therewere plenty of time and opportunity to build relationships with each other.

To commemorate our 15th Anniversary Convention, we had two special evening events. One at the Phillips Collection Museum featuring the paintings of Jacob Lawrence and highlighted the common struggles of African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, and Native communities. In addition, we held a discussion and signing of books recently written by Gordon Chin, Uncle Bob Santos, and Deepa Iyer, three of our communities’ dedicated leaders.

Watch our video marking our 15th Anniversary!