National CAPACD Board of Directors

National CAPACD is led and supported by a multigenerational, ethnically & geographically diverse board with a variety of experience in grassroots organizing, organizational management and program development, real estate management, business development and finance, campaign development, research and policy advocacy, and experience in the various sectors of the federal government, intermediaries, and financial institutions.


Executive Committee


Michael Byun, Co-Chair
Asian Services in Action, Chief Executive Officer
Cleveland, OH





Esther Wong, Co-Chair
Chinese American Service League, Executive Director
Chicago, IL





John D. Moon, Treasurer
Walnut Creek, CA






Maiko Winkler-Chin, Secretary
Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority, Executive Director
Seattle, WA




Joni Byun, At-Large
Nakatomi & Associates, Senior Vice President
Santa Monica, CA



Norman Fong, At-Large
Chinatown Community Development Center, Executive Director
San Francisco, CA





Dean Matsubayashi, At-Large (Immediate Past Co-Chair)
Little Tokyo Service Center, Executive Director
Los Angeles, CA






Yusa Chang
San Marino, CA






Va-Megn Thoj
Asian Economic Development Association, Executive Director
Saint Paul, MN





Alisi Tulua
Empowering Pacific Islander Communities, Chief Operating Officer
Los Angeles, CA




Kabzuag Vaj
Freedom Inc., Executive Director
Madison, WI


Trina Villanueva
Filipino Advocates for Justice
San Francisco, CA



Lahela Williams
Hawaiian Community Assets, Program Director
Honolulu, HI





Thomas Yu
Asian Americans for Equality, Managing Director, Real Estate Planning & Development
New York, NY