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National CAPACD and Wells Fargo invest in AAPI small business development

On November 17 - 18, 2015, eleven National CAPACD members from across the country convened in Oakland, CA to discuss small business development and increasing access to capital for AAPI entrepreneurs and the self-employed.   This gathering was a critical step toward establishing our Small Business Network – a group of National CAPACD members engaged in supporting the development of micro-entrepreneurs and preservation of small businesses in AAPI communities across the country. 

In addition to exchanging best practices and ideas for future collaboration, National CAPACD members also met with industry experts Opportunity Fund, Kiva Zip, Mission Asset Fund and Wells Fargo.  A day of deep discussion was followed by fantastic tours of Oakland and San Francisco Chinatowns, led by our Bay Area members Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC) and East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC).  

This convening was made possible by a grant from Wells Fargo.  Earlier this year, Wells Fargo awarded National CAPACD a grant to establish a Small Business Network and for coordination of peer-learning clusters (ACTION TA) focused on small business development.  

“Wells Fargo understands that the AAPI community is not monolithic, that the socio-economic makeup of this diverse group is complex and resources to achieve equality are needed,” said Shuyi Wang, Vice President at Wells Fargo Enterprise Marketing.  “Wells Fargo is committed to helping all business owners achieve financial stability and personal success, and one way we demonstrate that commitment is by funding initiatives that are designed to help small business organizations serve the needs of their communities more effectively.  This is why the work that’s spearheaded by National CAPACD and their members is so critical – and why Wells Fargo proudly supports it.” 

National CAPACD’s Small Business Network is in its nascent stages, but we invite all those interested to contact us for more information about how to participate.  Please contact Joyce Pisnanont, Asset Building Program Manager, at joyce@nationalcapacd.org or 510-452-4800 ext 108.