Active civic engagement and unencumbered access to neighborhood resources for youth, seniors and families

    Remove exemptions for unjust racial profiling by state and local law enforcement agencies in the Department of Justice Guidance Law to address the unjust surveillance and targeting of communities and neighborhoods. Support for anti-gun violence initiatives that address the root causes of violence, do not target communities of color, and are created towards the healing of communities-- not toward increasing the carceral system. Enforce the Voting Rights Act, particularly in jurisdictions where Section 203 applies, localities where there are more than 10,000 or over 5 percent of the total voting age citizens in a single political subdivision who are members of a single minority language group, have depressed literacy rates, and do not speak English very well. Invest in recruitment of poll workers with language capacity where Section 203 applies. Authorize and appropriate funding for a Parks for All program – investing in outreach and programming by local parks departments and immigrant communities, modelled on the NYC Immigrants and Parks Collaborative. Maintain investments in Community Health Centers, National Health Service Corps and Teaching Health Centers program.