Equitable access to federal place-based investments

Use the poverty line rather than Area Median Income in criteria for federal place based programs. Create “Promise-Like” neighborhoods to prevent displacement and build resiliency in “hot market” neighborhoods, including a Renters Tax Credit and Section 8 stabilization programs. Revise the Choice neighborhood model to be more conducive to community- building, i.e. not just focus on needs of seniors, but families as well. Support the Upward Mobility Project and ensure that low-income AAPI communities benefit from it- the President’s proposed $1.5 billion of flexible federal funding available to ten states and/or communities to expand promising and evidence-based approaches to achieving better outcomes for children and improved family self-sufficiency. Ensure that local community boards that drive Federal investments adequately reflect the ethnic and racial populations they represent. Expand Promise Neighborhoods. Expand Choice Neighborhoods. Preserve and expand use of Transit-Oriented Development Funds.