Protection and expansion of social safety net programs

    Reformulate the Federal Poverty Rate: The current calculation does not accurately capture true levels of economic need because, among other problems, it does not account for a variety of different income sources nor for local variations in the cost of living. A more accurate approach - the U.S. Census's Supplemental Poverty Measure - is a good step in the right direction. A more accurate approach, however, would align with a living wage based on local costs and be tied to factors such as cost of child care. Increase access to safety net programs through the lifting of asset limits on SNAP, TANF and LIHEAP. Lift asset limits on SSI to offer greater flexibility to families and preserve states’ flexibility to waive asset limits. Ensure Medicaid -eligibility regardless of immigration status. Issue new guidance for federal agencies on use of the federal poverty rate and other measures in creation of new programs to combat poverty. Preserve Social Security.