Program Year 2012-2013

Program Year 2012 - 2013 Focus: Community-based Economic Development
Under the 2012-2013 program year for ACTION, TA focused on community-level economic development within one of the following subject matter areas:
Financial Capability and Asset Building – Capacity building for organizations providing financial capability training to clients in their communities; Financial education and counseling for different target populations including renters (household budgeting, money and debt management, savings), youth (budgeting, money and debt management, checking and savings, college planning); Housing education and counseling for first-time homeowners (financial education and counseling, mortgage financing, etc.) and existing homeowners (post-purchase education and counseling, foreclosure prevention services).
Small Business Assistance – Capacity building for organizations looking to start-up or expand programs serving small businesses or spur economic activity in their neighborhoods; Organizing, marketing and neighborhood improvement strategies in ethnic small business districts (BIDs, signage, neighborhood beautification, etc.); Small business counseling (access to capital, business planning, marketing, regulatory compliance, etc.).  
Community Planning – Capacity building for organizations starting up or already engaged in community planning to better align community planning strategies and tactics with economic development goals; Planning and transit issues (e.g., implementing TOD zones, impact of planned transit on small businesses, etc.); Planning and alternative public finance (e.g., implementing tax-increment financing zones); Economic development projects and community benefits agreements.